Welcome To JTF-111

A Digital Combat Simulator Group

Although officially formed on January 1st 2021, JTF-111’s life began much earlier.  Taken from years of experience in both real world operations and DCS multiplayer experiences, the JTF-111 team has been working hard to provide the necessary foundation to form a successful DCS group.  This includes building mission archives, active training missions to be used for personal or group training (or for just fun), OVGME repository, LotAtc server, Combat flite, and SRS server all located on a server datacenter in the Midwest.

So what makes JTF-111 different from all the other groups out there?  Simply put, we want to take the thought process of a new group and reverse the typical thinking involved in adding new members.  Many DCS groups make you go through a long and involved training program before you can join a squadron, and typically, after you have joined the squadron, that you find that there is no substance when you get there.  Here at JTF-111, our training program involves things like basic airmanship, air to air refueling, formations and formation flying to name a few.  This will ensure that you can perform in a group environment and not struggle.  When you get to your squadron, that is where the continuing training will begin.  No matter how long you have been playing, there is always something to learn, and the best setting is in a group environment where you can learn different techniques and procedures.

Please feel free to reach out on our official discord or submit an application here on our website!

New Facebook page added for JTF-111

JTF-111 has a new new facebook page. Please stop by and say “hi”!